Artist Statement



ResurrectionI’m very inspired by the beautiful calligraphic lines that can be found in Japanese and Chinese ink drawings and paintings. It is this line quality that I strive for in composing the form on paper.

As artists, we really are lucky to have so many materials to choose from while expressing our subject. I choose to experiment with a variety of inks that are opaque and translucent. I find the intensity of the color more exciting compared to watercolors. Ink can be unforgiving if you make a mistake. You can’t erase it, whatever you put down, it’s there for good and forces me to challenge myself and work with any mistakes. I find that liberating!

I am inspired by form in nature both human and biological. I enjoy studying natural forms; finding beauty in their variety and their complexity of shapes, contrasting textures and structural qualities. My goal is to transport you into a symphony of line, form and movement.


the-guardian-black-backgroundAs a graduate student studying painting in college, I discovered Sculpture! I think, the idea of building something, and feeling the touch and texture of materials intrigued me as well as the ability to physically walk around the sculpture and view the orchestration of those materials.

Eventually, I gravitated toward clay for modeling the form, eventually casting some of the sculptures in bronze. Just the touch of clay is soothing, relaxing and enjoyable to manipulate into any kind of form. As in my drawings, I continue to study the endless anatomical structures and details of natural forms. I’m also interested in demonstrating movement and contortions in the form while using surface colors to enhance the mass – forcing the viewers eyes to follow and experience the three-dimensional configuration.